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Adda Brigitte's Profile

Credit Tier

Adda Brigitte

Customers rated Adda Brigitte 5 out of 5 based on 89 reviews

I am too full of life to be half loved !

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Largest Tip

10,010 Credits ( dbamm1 )

Tip Target

16% Completed
Target: make up accredited lessons
25,000 Credits
Target details

AS most of you know , make up it s one of my passions. The course would last over the summer for 2 months (with practical and theory exam) and would get a diploma(internationally available) ,could actually work in the field and be a make up artist. Any tip here will help me a lot, and all the credits from here will get to cover my make up lessons. Thank you !

Send tip for this target

Top Contributors

1. dbamm1
2. scottss
3. VG_v13870993
4. BigD557
5. TheWatcher5

Adda Brigitte's Details

Caucasian / White
B cup
Last Online:
Dec 10, 2018
Eye Color:
Pubic Hair:
180cm (5ft 11in)
Hair Color:
Body Type:
Over the moon
Hair Length:
August 29th
57kg (126lbs)
Body Mods:

Adda Brigitte's Likes

I am the type of girl you had in your class room at college, the misterious one,maybe with a double life, which you were a bit shy not to say something stupid in front of her, she always had something to say and so hard to discover but OH, when you were able do finnaly do it, you were not sorry at all.I have a strong intuition, never underestimate the power of female intuition. Some women can recognize your game before you start playing it. The question isn’t who’s going to let me do what i have to do ; but who is going to stop me ?

My Fantasies

My every thought consumed by you, in day or darkest night,and every thought it sends me soaring to the highest height.Walking through the park one morn and suddenly there you are,appearing in my mind as if you’re here and not so far.My body is aflame for you, burning with desire,each time I wonder when we meet, what passion will transpire.My knees go weak, my heart begins to drum a faster beat,all my strength goes into staying upright on my feet.People pass me by, oblivous to what is on my mind,in my imagination you are taking me from behind.A copse of trees, there, to my left, would be the perfect place,for us to hide and send each other into outer space.Towards me now, here comes a man, smiling at me,stranger sex could scratch this itch and set my passion free.I tremble as I picture him, naked between my thighs,but I cast my eyes to the ground and carefully avoid the strangers eyes.It’s you I want to push my bare back up against a tree,and hook my leg behind you as your hardness enters me.Oh God, the thought is sending pulses through my sweetest spot,I slip behind the trees alone, feeling oh so hot.In my mind my legs are wrapped so tightly round your back,you fill me up and pump so hard, my vision’s turning black.Waves of pleasure wash through me, it feels so fucking good,the orgasm you give me as I pulse around your manhood.My breathing calms I look around and remember where am,my hand stuffed down my knickers and I don’t give a damn.Hurry home to me baby, I need to see you soon,I’ve got a special present I’ve been saving up for you!

My Obsessions & Desires

-domination ( interesting thing is that I am ruthless when it comes to dominate someone, I like being in control of a man's mind and body) -submission ( Also I like this one. Why? Because sometimes I like to feel on my own skin what I do to other people here)-Stockings/pantyhose (damn , I just like the feeling of ripping them off me after I m taking a whole rithual of putting them on my legs. Weird. )- JOI ( oh! , I am good at that, better when a man has a camera so I can see his expresion ,it s just a matter of trust here)-SPH ( very charming! I love to laugh and I can get pretty creative when it comes about comparing things haha)-Spanking (well It s nice to see the fruit of your work for real,no? Depends what you are using :) -Total power exchange( something I like to call a game of mouse and cat) -Voyeurism ( I used to be a voyeur, yeah, feels nice, the excitement to watch in silance and hear only your heart racing and your pulse increasing)

Additional Info

I want to be treat as a woman you desire and you want to conquer ! Imagine that I am the woman of your dreams and you have all my attention from all those people in the room, what would you do ? How would you try to make things happen ?

Special Info

Before working here I did not knew I could be so sexual and open minded, but this helped me find out and it still does. My journey has not come to an end, i just begun to explore the path in front of me. I like surprises and that feeling of excitement that arouses me when I am thinking what i could find out if I continue.

My Fetishes

Domination, Feet, Leather, Legs, Role Play/Costumes, Small Penis Humiliation, Spanking, Stockings/Panty Hose

My Sex Toys

Handcuffs, Tickler, Vibrator, Whip

Role-Playing Scenarios

Boss / Secretary, Coach/Trainee, Dirty Talk, Gender Play, Master / Slave, Pirate/Captive, Prisoner/Guard, Service Worker/Housewife, Student/Teacher

Adda Brigitte's Awards

15 Gifts
4th of July 25,000 Credits
400 Gifts
4th of July 25,000 Credits
40 Gifts
3-Years Online
10,000 - 14,999 Credit Tip
5000 Favorites
50 Customer Reviews
1 Daily Bonus Win
30,000 Credits in a Day
1000+ Customers
Easter 10,000 Credits
100 Eggs
Easter 25,000 Credits
100 Eggs
8k Lifetime Fan Club Credits
25 Shots
Fiesta 10,000 Credits
200 Shots
Fiesta 25,000 Credits
200 Shots
Flirt Phone 10,000 Credits
25 Beer Steins

My Recent Reviews

 More Reviews Post Review
October 22, 2018 I really like Adda she is like only person I have met from greece and she is also kind and sweet person.
September 14, 2018 Adda is one of a kind, the best kind. Sweet, beautiful, intelligent and very sexy.
September 12, 2018
AlwaysWantU wrote:
You truly won't find a more incredible woman. Intelligent, beautiful, charming and sexy.
August 4, 2018 An amazing woman who can move you with her beauty, charm or intelligence. I could look and chat with Adda ...
June 29, 2018
Micksmaster wrote:
Adda and I have had our moments in the past and she can be pretty fiesty at times. But there is no denying ...
March 25, 2018
xcalibur82 wrote:
When you get to know this lady, you find out that she is a wonderful and kindhearted lady, and is a joy to ...

Recent Blog Entries

Sep 12th @ 11:04am EDT


Saturday's will be more fun from now on! I will wait for you into my room EVERY Saturday for the booze night,of course.
Every Saturday will... Read More »
Dec 9th @ 2:13am EST


That was my room topic days in a row , at least as I was drinking my coffe with you and ejoying that morning time when you can t wait to wake up,... Read More »
Nov 12th @ 4:00am EST

New Photos!

I will be soon posting some new photos to remember !
I may never know what s behing the corner!
ALl my love!
ADDA Read More »
Sep 1st @ 8:03pm EDT

hi dear visitors:)

Hi! Welcome to my blog :* :) If You're already here, don't forget to boost me! You can also leave a comment on my message wall, I love it :)... Read More »

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Oct. 11
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